/ Geographical limitations? Not on our watch

Although the world has certainly changed over the last few months, the spirit of Bandit remains intact – and stronger than ever. Since 2013, Bandits have been hitting the road, helping those who need it most by giving what we’re good at.

For 2020, the Bandit Tour is rethinking what’s possible by going global – virtually of course. En-route, we will continue to provide pro-bono Salesforce services to nonprofits on an even greater scale, with virtual stops in India, Australia and across North America.


/ Here for good

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM PST

Join us for our engaging 2020 Bandit Tour for Good wrap-up. Our guest speaker, Afdhel Aziz, will share his views on how the power of purpose can be a force for good.

You’ll also learn more about the school Traction on Demand is supporting in Jaipur – and how your attendance can truly help make a difference (Traction on Demand will donate $10 for every one who attends).

Plus, hear from additional guests, and experience other uplifting surprises. Register for the TimeToValue Conference to join us at the Here for Good event and celebrate all things good.

/ Moving forward with Healthy hearts and Healthy heads.

When it comes to giving what we’re good at, the collaborative contributions Tractionites are making in the Indian village of Nevta (near Jaipur) is a great example. Last year, Traction on Demand adopted a primary school here, and Tractionites were quick to lend a proverbial hand. A water pump was purchased, providing the community access to clean drinking water, and Tractionites have lent a hand in the building of new washrooms, a welcome addition and a big step towards improving hygiene. Overall, though, we still have a ways to go — and ways to give.