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Aaron Zuccolin

VP, Industry Solutions, Traction on Demand

Adam Coppin

Solutions Architect, Nonprofit, Traction on Demand

Alison Zwecker

Nonprofit Solution Architect, Traction on Demand

Amanda Benjamin

Senior Consultant - Marketing Automation, Traction on Demand

Anandhi Narayanan

Principal Strategist, Manufacturing, Traction on Demand

Andrew Means

Senior Director, Global Impact Data Strategy, Salesforce.org

Andrew Petter

President Emeritus, Simon Fraser University

Andrew Rogers

VP, Business Development, Traction Rec

Arif Ali

Squad General Manager, Traction on Demand

Arnold Bernardo

Squad General Manager, Traction on Demand

Athena Szabo

Salesforce Consultant, Higher Education and Nonprofit, Traction on Demand

Brad Gross

Program Architect, Traction on Demand

Brent Landels

Team Lead, Cloud Technology, Traction on Demand

Carrie Marcinkevage

CRM Strategy Director, Penn State Smeal College of Business

Dan Waldner

Principal Strategist, Financial Services, Traction on Demand

Dane Peterson

Practice Lead, Field Service, Traction on Demand

Dave Jenkins

VP Data-Driven Marketing, Traction on Demand

Dave Nelson

Managing Director, Traction Complete

Dave Rees

Principal Strategist - Analytics, Traction on Demand

David Corbino

Executive Director, Information Technology and Strategic Analytics, Columbia College

David Kaminsky

Business Systems Engineer, Qumulo

Davis Wong

Solution Engineer, Traction on Demand

Emily Eakin

Principal Strategist - Nonprofit, Traction on Demand

Eran Agrios

VP, Salesforce Industries, Financial Services, Salesforce

Eric Elliot

Marketing Automation Solution Engineer, Traction on Demand

Erik Chaffins

MuleSoft Integration Architect, Traction on Demand

Erik Poole

Chief Technology Officer, New Pig

Geshri Gunasekera

Senior Director, Institution Success, Salesforce

Grant Adamson

Chief Developer, Traction on Demand

Greg Ewing-Lee

Practice Lead, Manufacturing, Traction on Demand

Jack Mercer

Delivery Squad General Manager, Traction on Demand

James Gardner Gregory

Business Solutions Consultant, Traction on Demand

Jane Gibson

VP, Salesforce Solutions, Traction on Demand

Jason Belland

Vice President of Industry Solutions, Education Cloud, Salesforce

Jeff Dixon

VP, Higher Education Services, Traction on Demand

Jeff Grosse

Senior Director of Service Transformation, Traction on Demand

Jeff Richards

Managing Director, GGV Capital

Jennifer Walker

VP, Higher Education Services, Traction on Demand

Jenny Gai

Global Lead, Manufacturing Cloud Operations, Salesforce

Jerome Lodovisi

Marketing Automation Architect, Traction on Demand

Jessica Langelaan

VP, Nonprofit Solutions, Traction on Demand

Jim Rogers

Practice Lead, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Traction on Demand

Joe Kenny

Vice President, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax

Jonathan Cipryk

Head of Salesforce Engineering, Core Engineering & Transformation, Manulife

Josh Nelson

CPQ Practice Lead, Traction on Demand

Julie Heidle

Product Manager, Susan G. Komen

Junette Tan

Senior Nonprofit Solution Architect , Traction on Demand

Karen Claus

Lead Corporate Counsel, Traction on Demand

Karisa Booth

Senior Marketing Cloud Architect, Nonprofit, Traction on Demand

Kat Bollozos

Vice President of Delivery - Marketing Automation, Traction on Demand

Kelley Stewart

Executive Vice President, Client Solutions, Pursuant

Lee Edwards

Principal Strategist, Financial Services, Traction on Demand

Lindsay Hui

Lead Solution Engineer, Marketing Automation, Traction on Demand

Luke Murphy

Senior Manager, Business Value Services, Salesforce

Madi Wood

Business Development Manager, Traction on Demand

Manu Varma

Principal Strategist, bettr.me, Traction on Demand

Margo Martinez

Sr Director, Industry Solutions, Salesforce.org

Mark Gurman

Senior Manager, GBM Customer Data Services, Scotiabank

Mathew Moore

Global Head of CRM & COO Canada, DLL

Matthew Seeger

Vice President, Solution Engineering, ThreeKit

Michael Konon

Team Lead, Enterprise Business Analyst, Traction on Demand

Michelle Littlefield

Solution Architect, Traction on Demand

Mike Bogan

Director, Research & Development, Traction on Demand

Mike Lavigne

Chief Technology Officer, Traction on Demand

Pamela Hannett

Principal Strategist, Banking, Traction on Demand

Phil Chatterton

VP of Sales, Traction Complete

Phil Webb

Senior Lead Project Manager, Traction on Demand

Razan Fasheh-Roberts

Senior Director - Strategic Engagement and Communications, Education Cloud, Salesforce

Rebeca (Becky) Johnson

VP, Constituent Experience and Direct Response Marketing, American Heart Association

Rebecca Joffrey

IT Innovation Officer, Cornell University

Richard Smyth

Business Architect, Traction on Demand

Robbie Driver

CPQ Business Development Manager, Traction on Demand

Roderick Bremby

Senior Director, Health and Human Services, Salesforce

Sean Kennedy

Public Sector Health Lead & Senior Interoperability Architect, Salesforce

Thomas Gordon

Senior Director, Enablement, Traction on Demand

Tiffany Luck

Vice President, GGV Capital

Todd Donohue

VP, Digital Experience, Traction on Demand

Tom Gardner

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Tony Kratovil

Regional VP, Manufacturing Solution Leader, Salesforce

Tony Lopez

Solution Engineer, ThreeKit

Vasu Avadhanula

VP - BI, Platform & Engineering, Susan G. Komen

Whitney Hedgepeth

Assistant Director, Graduate Student Life & Development, Columbia College

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